April Specialty of the Month

Specialty of the Month is Stress & Rescue

The Specialty of the Month for April is Stress & Rescue!

April's Specialty of the Month is Stress & Rescue. This course is empowering, engaging, and will help any diver become more comfortable and confident. Stress & Rescue is a requirement to reach Master Diver, the point at which most divers truly become comfortable and confident. The Specialty of the Month for the Stress & Rescue bring the price of the course from $249.00 to just $186.75 for the entire month of April. Dive into saving of over $62. 

Last month we had five Stress & Rescue students work through the classroom and pool sessions and now they are spending the weekend in Key Largo, Florida finishing their training. These divers will exude confident above and below the water. They will be able to help their dive buddies through stressful scenarios and if necessary, respond to emergencies. This course will expand your awareness as diver ultimately make you a safer diver and a better dive buddy. 

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