Become a Desert Divers Divemaster

Become a Divemaster!

Become a Divemaster in 2017!

A new role at Desert Divers is the Divemaster. For many years, our professional ranks began at Assistant Instructor, now we are looking for enthusiastic Divemasters. The sole responsibility of a Divemaster is to take people diving. Getting diving experience is at the core of our programs and future Divemasters will be tasked with finding, organizing and taking people on a variety of scuba diving adventures. 

The Divemaster certification is actually a recognition certification earned for becoming a Dive Guide and taking the Science of Diving Course. This means you have the skills and confidence to guide divers int he water, an in depth knowledge about the physics and physiology of scuba diving as well as knowledge about the proper equipment required to scuba dive safely. 

The logistics for becoming a Desert Divers Divemaster are simple. You must be 18 years of age, have at least 60 dives be the conclusion of the course, be certified as a Dive Guide and in Science of Diving. An additional requirement to join the Desert Divers team is to complete an internship involving organizing and leading your own local dive adventure. 

Are you interested in becoming a Desert Divers Divemaster?

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